What should companies be offering to attract and retain top talent during Covid?

A word from ISE HQ: Hope you’re heading home (from kitchen table to sofa?) following a successful Monday. We’ve been busy, and are delighted for the sake of our wonderful candidates to see some market confidence returning, with more and more roles in the pipeline - watch this space. 

The job hunt is still really tough but, once again, there is a buzz in the corporate world about hiring and retaining the best talent, so we very much hope that this means a return to lots of well-deserved options for excellent people.  We’ve spotted this article, which sums up a lot of what we’ve been thinking about - “How to engage and retain your employees during Covid”…

Are the rules the same as have ever been to attract top talent, or has our unexpected propulsion into working from home been a game changer? It’s probably a little too soon to tell. Being recruiting experts in both investment and tech, we have always had clients with different operating preferences and a range of views on whether a team need to be present to perform at their best, but the jury is out re. the stance which more traditional firms will adopt on a flexible working agenda hereon in.

So, putting flexible working aside as a given for the time being and, therefore, perhaps less interesting as a debate, we ask - what is it that companies should be offering to 1. attract and 2. retain top talent during Covid?

Here are some suggestions from the article -

  • One-on-one check-ins and discussions - is that relationship with a supportive manager the top priority for you?
  • Give staff the benefits they need - is there anything which your company / prospective employer has offered which you think is absolutely outstanding in terms of perks during this time?
  • Make technology your asset instead of a liability - the ideal: enabling excellence in remote working, rather than feeling you’re tied to a screen all hours… how can a company set themselves apart in this matter?
  • Plan fun activities with your team - does this remain important you? And what is still “fun”? Surely we are done with quizzes…
  • Recognition, encouragement and praise - tell us, does this rank highly for you? Has your company done this in an interesting, original or otherwise noteworthy way? Perhaps a prospective employer you’re speak with has a great philosophy here? 

Please tell us - what are you experiencing / hearing companies doing really well to attract / look after their top talent?