After 6 Months: The Only Way is ISE! #LifeofISE #LifeofEllie


Hi, I’m Ellie!  I’m a 2016 Cardiff University grad (with a 2:1 in Economics and Finance). Upon leaving uni, I was sure of only one thing – no more exams…  Please!  I knew I’d need to find a career which would offer excitement and progression, a chance to challenge and push myself.  I am a real believer in ‘you get what you give’.

I have always found myself to be the sort attracted to ‘hustle and bustle’, dynamic groups of people, doing fun and interesting things – Cardiff was the perfect setting for someone like me, and I certainly made the most of it. At Freshers Fair, I chatted with any stall attendant who was up for it whilst I honed in on Societies of interest.  Eventually, I ended up as member (and later President) of the Netball Club, and Lifeguard at Camp America. #camplife #USA

Moving to London, I enjoyed nailing the flat hunt (which, inevitably, involved the ‘run the gauntlet’ approach of exploring several really odd flat shares, but ended in something great).  Actually…  This set me up perfectly for recruitment – careful sifting to find the perfect match! #londonlife #recruitment

I was ready to start my new career! #letsdothis


Plain and simple (topped with a little cheese), recruitment and ISE ticked every box for me.

First and foremost, I am a real ‘people person’ – building relationships, customer service, working with people, helping people.  You name it, that’s me.    The idea of tangibly helping someone progress in their career was so enticing, and one of my favourite parts is still being that voice in my candidates’ ears saying, ‘You can do this’.  #motivationmonday #ISEmantra #lifeofISE

Secondly, I wanted to use my degree, the market knowledge I’d built and my curiosity around this in a way which would add value in a client-focussed job.  Because of ISE’s investment / professional services client base, I came out of the interview thinking, “Wow – when can I start?”

Thirdly, there is both structure and space to innovate at ISE – I am a natural problem-solver, and

I strive to be the best I can be; I wanted to find like-mindedness amongst colleagues, plus have access to the support I would need to achieve.

And finally, it is rewarding – job satisfaction guaranteed at ISE!  Everything from interviewing to giving feedback, to getting ‘thank you’ flowers, to closing the deal and earning the commission; it’s right up my street.  Oh, and we also enjoy a team tipple together at our local every now and then, which is great.


My start to #lifeofISE has flown by; I have met amazing people and learnt so much about the ‘real world of work’. It’s just the beginning, but seems to get better every day!

The first six months have been challenging, rewarding and motivating. I have become more knowledgeable about myself, my style of working, the market, our fantastic candidate base, and I have started to identify how I can improve and grow (I’m loving it, but still lots to learn!). I’ve had so much support from my ‘ISE Family’, helping me to move forward.

There are ups and downs as in all jobs:  At first, I would find it really tough if my candidate was unsuccessful at interview.  As a ‘newbie’, I took the ‘knock back’ as though it were me not getting a great role.  Obviously, I quickly learnt resilience, but do feel that one of my strengths is being able to see matters through my candidates’ eyes, and being able to support them to move forward with constructive feedback and tips.  The real up is, of course, the other side of the coin – achieving an excellent temp role for a candidate, and seeing their excitement and the way they grow in it!


I work alongside inspirational women who are never shy to advise, consult and help me grow into my career.  Self-motivation is key to my role, but, as a team, we keep each other going and encourage one another to smile through rough and smooth.  I love it!

I am learning my market, my candidates, and I’m constantly developing my client base and understanding what they respond well too. At ISE, we are dedicated to servicing the recruitment side for companies; however, we also strive to partner with them to improve their retention – helping them to maintain a current understanding of market conditions / standards in remuneration, plus we advise around HR training and up-skilling.  Our clients know we are the best at what we do, and I most enjoy being pushed to operate at this level.

What’s next in my development?...  Watch this space!

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