Young children don’t consciously know they need representation in books but when BAME children don’t encounter strong, non-white protagonists or only see BAME characters as sidekicks in books, they tend to apply what they see to real life. Having adventures and doing good in the world is viewed as best left to their white peers. This has the negative impact of damaging confidence, the courage to lead and of course, affects life opportunities. This also has an impact for white children: if different perspectives of our society aren’t offered through books and children aren’t shown diversity from an early age, we’re in danger of raising another generation that fears differences and denies their BAME peers an equal place at the table later in life. We want to do something to change those statistics. What better way to make the change than to make sure the younger generation have access to diverse stories? ISE Partners will make a donation to the “BookLove-in-a-Box” campaign for every placing made. This campaign run by sends a package of free multicultural books to schools across the UK.