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Claire McClintock

Executive Consultant - Permanent Division

A recent addition to team ISE, Claire brings a fresh perspective and vibrant energy from Down Under. Having moved to London from Sydney in September 2023, she has adapted swiftly to the rhythm of the city and has seamlessly integrated her previous experience within ISE's operations.

With over 5 years of recruitment experience, Claire has been able to easily bolster our efforts in providing administrative support staff to our client base. Her track record in Australia includes working with numerous ASX-listed companies alongside some of the largest, and most prestigious, institutions in Australia. 

In her downtime, Claire doesn't let a moment go to waste. She's been immersing herself in London's vibrant city life and has proven to be quite the explorer. Along with spending time with friends and exploring diverse foods, she also enjoys indulging in the "occasional" reality TV show (her guilty pleasure).