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Rhiannon Watts

Rhiannon Watts

Executive Candidate Consultant

As a dedicated Candidate Consultant at ISE Partners, Rhiannon is the go-to resource for a diverse spectrum of job seekers, from fresh graduates stepping into the corporate realm to seasoned Executive Assistants.


Rhiannon embarked on her journey with ISE Partners in 2019, fresh from earning her degree from Oxford Brookes University. Her tenure at ISE has seen her create enduring bonds with candidates while introducing them to a host of exciting career opportunities unique to the firm. Rhiannon's remarkable knack for understanding her candidates' aspirations coupled with her inside track on the roles at ISE Partners equips her to make successful matches.


Rhiannon is always open to a confidential discussion about your career aspirations. Her focus on a tailored, individual approach ensures you receive advice and opportunities that align with your goals and potential.


Reach out to Rhiannon through the following channels: