On registering as a candidate with ISE Partners, you are entrusting us with your next career move. We understand this is a privileged position and don’t take this for granted. It is an important time and our consultants are trained to work with you and support you throughout the entire process.

At your interview, you will be met and interviewed by your consultant, who will get to know you personally, will listen to your desires for your next role and your career plans. They will be able to offer you career advice and create a plan for your search. They will offer you realistic feedback and always be honest with you. They will suggest opportunities to you, help you prepare for your interviews and will provide you with unbiased advice at offer stage.

ISE consultants will only ever put you forward for roles that are right for you – opportunities that are going to make a difference to your life and our client’s business.

There are no shortcuts to making that a reality. That’s why we make sure we fully understand you, your strengths, your skills and what you’re really looking for. At the same time, we work with a select group of clients – we know them and their businesses extremely well and this allows us to find the right place for you.

We do everything we can to give you the best chance of success and we’re very proud to say that 99% of our candidates placed in jobs by us are still happily employed, 12 months later.